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Daniel Arsenault with Scrattsurf out to pull a fast one.

MY wife and I asked Scrattsurf for a specific animal theme. Minutes later we got photo-shopped cut and paste pics on boards with anotheranimal. We asked to see designs with the correct animal. Theresponse was to send a money order. For What?

Money Order, so fishy.

Our polite inquiry was met with a response from an e-address not associated with Scrattsurf.com but from Daniel Arsenault Photography. We should of run with such an OBVIOUS RED FLAG. What started off as being an overly friendly response from Scrattsurf turned demanding and belligerently nonsensical. Daniel Arsenault of Scrattsurf is the rudest person we had the pleassure of not doing business with.

We did find a company, Mike Doyle Custom Boards, to make our sticks. They have a shop in Ventura, California. Nice professional service with matching email address. A web-site that is real, not smoke and mirrors with a lazy kid. They takes VISA. Thanks MIKE Doyle Custom Boards.

Review about: Custum Design Surfboard.



I agree with no reluctance -"Scrattsurf turned demanding and belligerently nonsensical."


I have known Dan for 10 years.The person you are describing is not the person I know.

He is creative, inventive, fun to be around, insightful. I'm sorry that you had a bad business deal with him but you have no right to publicly make assumptions about his personal life.

That is not the Dan I have known.Everyone I know who has been in shoots of his has had a positive experience and were happy with the results.


*** tried to order an art surfboard.The dude is disorganized unsystematic.

Can't take an order.

Was really messed up in helping me.Try another company.


The proprietor Daniel Arsenault, of Daniel Arsenault Photography, lives a life of scamming, manipulation, and disturbing behavior with customers and anyone else he can use.He has been living with his parents basement in their Utah home for most of the past 20 so years in between mooching off other family, friends, and many unsuspecting woman for a place to stay; recently known to be in Southern Utah and California.

People need to beware,do a background check. The guy tried to pull a fast one on my wife and when we insisted on a background check he ran fuming. Since then we did more checking, picking up many sorry details; Dangerous and violent He is a liar and a mess. Beware.

He came across as super nice but soon things did not match up. He is a sabotager of others and himself. This person should be considered dangerous and violent. Don't let him sucker you into any doesn't do his part deals.

Keep your eyes open, he is a master at deceit.Always has some BIG job about to happen, to keep himself and others off the trail of life long deceit.

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